Day 93 ProArgi9+ Sports Testimonials

ProArgi9+ Sports Testimonials

Testimonials from various Sports People who at one point in their careers used The Cologne Listed ProArgi9+ as a supplement to improve their performance.

ProArgi9+ Exercise and Weight loss

“After taking arginine I recover much better from workouts: I have less pain and soreness. I have lost 10 pounds, but the best is that I actually fit into clothes that I had not been able to wear for a long time. My shape is changing. I love it.” Christine Cronin

ProArgi9+ Range of Motion, Endurance and Strength

“After retirement from my days at baseball I noticed that I was quickly losing my strength. I could hardly swing the bat and I felt like  that my age had finally gotten the best of me. I started taking Pro Arginine Plus and I love it. My range of motion is back. I have fantastic endurance and I can hit the ball almost as hard as I used to.”
Dane Jorge

MLB Two- Times World Series Winner.

ProArgi9+ Endurance, Stamina and Recovery Times

“When I exercise, I have noticed a huge difference in terms of oxygen levels when exercising, endurance, stamina and recovery times because of the oxygen levels that I am getting to my muscles thanks to ProArgi9+ .” Andy D’agstino

ProArgi9+ Not tired, Relaxed, Increased Stamina

“I stated using the Pro Argi-9 Plus  right before my soccer games. I noticed that my body was not as tired, and I felt that it wasn’t pushing as hard. I was more relaxed and so my stamina during the games increased so much”  This we now know is because of the way ProArgi9+ works to minimise lactic acid build up, train harder, longer and recover quicker.” Junior Silva

ProArgi9+ Recovery Time, Endurance and Mental Clarity

“I work out quite a bit and my recovery time afterwards is incredible. I have more endurance. I sleep really well at night and my mentality clarity is great. I just feel really amazing with the Pro Argi- 9 Plus” Cheryl Tyschuk

ProArgi9+ Weight Loss

“Who is it for, pro athletes, Olympians and someone looking to gain muscle and lose weight. I was 362-pound 1year ago and now I am 295 pounds I have changed my diet to Low glycaemic because that is what was recommended, and I have taken ProArgi9+. I am lost 20 inches all over my body” Mark Laing

ProArgi9+ Safe and legal Alternative to Steroids

To prepare for the Mr. Universe contest, Ron used Pro Argi-9 L-Arginine formula to increase his growth hormone levels naturally. ProArgi9+ is used by many bodybuilders as an alternative to steroids. Ron Coleman

  • Mr Universe
  • Gold Medal Winner, Pan American Games,  Twinlabs National
  • Spokesperson Advisor, Writer in Sports Nutrition Muscular Development Magazine

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