Day 94 ProArgi9+ A True Story from 2015

ProArgi9+ A True Story from 2015 which was picked up by Irish News Media

When I first read this story, I was blown away, why? Over the years I have collaborated with countless people in our business and their loyal customers and the reason these customers are so loyal is because of outcomes like this.

I have seen how ProArgi9+ can transform lives first-hand, hundreds of times, however, until this story appeared I had never heard or witnessed it working so quickly.

The picture below is of Dermot Murphy back in 2015 when he was diagnosed with a seriously blocked carotid artery. Dermot is holding a copy of his medical report. Normally ProArgi9+ is given around 90 days to perform and perform well in the Cardiovascular System. This blocked artery was dealt with, without surgery, over a 5-week period. Simply click on the article to read it.


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