Five things you should know about your heart

  1. How many times does my heart beat?

    It will beat at least 95,000 times a day and pump 1,392 gallons of blood and push that blood nearly 14,364 miles throughout your body! That’s about 42 million times a year. Its sole purpose is to pump a fresh supply of healthy blood to your vital organs so that you can stay alive. All your vital organs are dependent on the heart pumping healthy blood to them 24/7, so that you remain fit and healthy.

  2. What makes your heart beat?

    Electrical impulses, every heartbeat is initiated and controlled by these impulses. They cause the muscular chambers of the heart to contract, or squeeze, at separate times. This squeezing action pushes the blood through the body.

  3. What do the four chambers do and why do we need them?

    You need a set of atria (right and left) to receive blood and a set of ventricles (right and left) to distribute blood. You need an atrium and ventricle pair to send blood to the lungs to re-oxygenate the blood AND you need an atrium and ventricle pair to distribute oxygenated blood to the body.

  4. What happens to our hearts as we grow older?

    When our blood leaves the aorta it causes a Pulsewave. The speed at which the Pulsewave is reflected quickens as we age causing the heart to work faster.
    There can be several reasons for this. Hardening of the arteries, plaque build-up which sticks inside our arteries, so the heart must work harder and a reduction in our ability to produce nitric oxide, as we age, which is the “spark of life” without which we would die. But now you can do something about this before it’s too late. #findoutmore about #nitricoxidetherapy

  5. Silent Killer

    Heart disease kills six (6) times more women every year than breast cancer and the Asian population in the UK are the highest at risk from this silent killer. Every three minutes in the UK someone suffers a heart attack. But now you can do something about now.

In July 2018 we will be launching heart screening programmes starting in Harley Street London, Stratford, Coventry and Birmingham.

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