What lives inside you

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s update.

On Day five I commented that I had started feeling a bit unwell, headaches and spots, but as my body flushes out the toxins I was warned that this might happen. This has continued to some extent on days six and seven. What hasn’t been ideal is the weather as we normally walk most days for just a over an hour depending on the route. The terrain around our home town is also quite tough as the village sits at the bottom of a valley therefore to get anywhere either on foot or bike you must climb, unless you travel to Gretna which is pretty flat and a great cycle route on the old APR road of around 20 miles there and back.

I guess having suffered a Heart Attack back in 2004 followed by Triple Bypass surgery in 2005 and now 60 I’m lucky to still be here let alone ramping up 10,000 steps most days. My problem has been I see myself as a #fitfatty and that’s why I’m doing this 21-day reset and lifestyle change so that I can get fit and above all stay fit and healthy. On an earlier post I gave a statement on Elite Health which starts off Elite Health is the pinnacle of wellness, where age does not dictate ability. I guess you could add a multitude of clichés here depending on your culture, our most used one is “age is just a number” and the celebs love to use “60 is the new 40”

All I’m try to do here is share my experience and help those that want to be helped and who are above all like-minded. My team and I are not in the business of forcing our opinions on others, we simply provide #factbasedevidence and products that are scientifically validated, peer reviewed and either patented or patent pending. It actually is much better than that and those of you who chose to engage with us will find that out for yourselves.

Why Your Microbiome is Key to Good Health.

In 2001 the term “Microbiome” was coined by a researcher named Joshua Lederberg.  The term applies to the 100 trillion microbial cells that each person carries on and in their body. Whether you believe in evolution or Creation there is a symbiotic relationship between these microbial cells and human cells. A symbiotic relationship that either leads to good health or poor health. In fact, when you look in the mirror, what you see is your human expression of your human cells.  However, if you had the eyes of a powerful microscope you would see a world of microbial cells that outnumber your human cells by a factor of 10. This has lead researchers in the area of the Microbiome to use the phrase: We are only 10% Human.

Why is this important?

The makeup of your Microbiome significantly, if not entirely, impacts your health and wellness to the point where every major disease and illness today has a link back to your Microbiome. More of this tomorrow and why there could be a link to heart disease.

#Lookharder #Elitehealth.  Next week I will do more research on this and the link to Heart Disease, inflammation and an unhealthy gut.

Day 7 Food Diary

  • Warm H2 Lemon Water
  • Therapeutic Smoothie with Kefir
  • 3 x Probiotics
  • 2 x Microbiome Detox
  • 2 x L-arginine sticks
  • 1/2 Apple small cheese
  • Scrambled eggs and salmon
  • 1/2 Apple small cheese
  • Roast silverside of beef with mushrooms and onions and saute potatoes
  • 2 x Magnesium supplements

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