What lives inside you? – in your microbiome.

As I sat down to write what happened on Day 13, which is at the beginning of day 14, I turned on the TV to hear, “people have a choice over what they put in their mouth”.
It was Nicky Campbell and the subject was “Is obesity a matter of personal responsibility”.  I am all for healthy debate and I agree that debating can help and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The audience which included a Professor who works with people who are obese certainly said some key things that I agree with even those who were happy to be overweight agreed on one thing “the bigger you are the unhealthier you will be”. Lots of talk about banning junk food and the sugar tax again which is likely to hit poorer people harder. Some of these big companies, #ThePurveyorsofdeath sponsor some of our biggest sporting events. On Friday I said the same thing, I wonder if the creators of Red Bull dared to dream that this brand would become almost as big as Coke and last for so long?
Coming back to “people have choices” this has been what this blog has been about since the day I started writing it back in 2010. Lifestyle design, Lifestyle choice and today eight years on my purpose has not changed, however with eight years more knowledge and a team of great people around me, including over a dozen PHD’s I can give better information than I could back in 2010. And if I don’t have an answer or a recommended solution an expert is simple a phone call or Whatsapp message away.

People do need help and it starts with knowledge, but it must be accurate information that has scientific back up. Not one person can hope to know all there is to know about #EliteHealth, but there are countless experts out there who specialise in their own chosen subjects. Microbiome, Gut Health, Fitness, Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Auto Immune Disorders, Water, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Nutritionists and so on. What we are trying to build is a team that has the widest spread of knowledge so that we can give the best advice we can to broad spectrum that can help people attain their #EliteHealth, for some that will may be to Olympic Standard and for many it may just be getting fit or slowing down the ageing process or an illness. Our purpose is to prevent, and I believe longer term that’s where our NHS needs to be as they are fighting what seems to be an unwinnable war to cure people who are sick.

Coming back to the theme of the TV program
“Is obesity a matter of personal responsibility”

Here’s excerpt from our eBook, again you have a choice to do something now, it’s in your hands.

Weight Management & Obesity – More and more research is showing that this is not a human genetic issue but rather a microbiome issue.  The most famous study in this area is the one done on identical human twins.  Each twin has the same genetic makeup.

However, one twin was overweight, and the other twin was lean.  Their human microbiome was injected into the gut flora of host mice so that the microbiome of the mice took on the nature of the human twin.  Each recipient mice were given the same diet and daily activities.

The results were that the host mice with the microbiome from the lean human twin stayed lean.  And, the host mice with the microbiome from the overweight human twin gained weight and stored fat.

This leads to what could be a key reason why some people find it easier to lose weight than others, more of this tomorrow.

For the record I am not a supporter of clinical research of any kind using animals, unless there is a specific outcome that helps all species and no animals are harmed in the process.

Day 13 Food Diary

  • Warm H2 Lemon Water
  • Therapeutic Smoothie
  • 3 x Probiotics
  • 2 x Microbiome Detox (missed this today)
  • Lean bacon and egg and two small pieces of black pudding
  • ½ Apple with small piece of cheese
  • Prawns Gambas and Chicken Goujons
  • 2 x L-arginine sticks
  • 3 x Magnesium supplements

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