My Journey from 64-65

It’s been a long time since I opened up this blog and started writing, but the past 18 months have been very different times for all of us during this #Cornovirus #Pandemic. But rather than look back at those tough months I’m choosing to look forward on the next twelve months starting today which is my 64th Birthday. I don’t have a long list of personal goals to achieve but the ones I have set myself are wants and needs. The needs are a must as I am now sixteen years post #triplebypasssurgery and need to look at getting myself back in shape.

It’s also real easy to build up sufficient motivation to get started. For many taking that first step is the hardest one, me I suffer from procrastination and lack of will power but I am sore I’m not alone on that score. The only thing I can promise is to do the best I can and report in from time to time on my progress between now and 08/08/2022.

My aim is to share with you what has went well and why, challenges I have faced and what I have learned and will do differently as a result of my actions.  Who knows maybe some like minded people who have suffered from similar illnesses and have also struggled with the way this world has become will join me on my journey.  The best way to connect with me is on Twitter @CampbellB_Young or drop me an email at

In the meantime I’m going to enjoy the rest of my birthday and sample a “wee” #LangsBananaRum a favourite tipple of my late Dad and Papa of Lorna and Simon.

And to celebrate