Synergy WorldWide is unlike any company you’ve seen before. They combine the highest-quality products with the most innovative compensation plan in the industry. They are 100% debt-free and provide a solid foundation where everyone can succeed.

They test their products they don’t guess. They have a track record stretching almost 21 years now and are owned by Natures Sunshine a NASDAQ quoted company.

Synergy only operate in countries where we are fully compliant and currently distribute to 28 countries world wide..

When I first looked at them 11 years ago they ticked all the boxes, even more so today following staggering results from human trials at a prestigious Heart Transplant Clinic in The U.S.A.

  1. A rock solid company, debt free with a stable management team who have a long term vision for the future.
  2. Products that do what they say on the tin, tested in a way that no other Network Marketing Company have ever done, The Synergy Advantage.
  3. A commission plan better than any other and fair for both the company and the distributors, profitable and equitable.
  4. Timing – new markets opening each year and still two enormous, emerging and untapped markets! The USA and the UK remain relatively untouched, my team intend to change that in 2014.

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