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Say YES to NO More Heart Disease

“The Cardiovascular Cure”
How to Strengthen Your Self-Defense
Against Heart Attack and Stroke
By John P. Cooke, M.D., PH.D.
(Excerpts from book)

You are only as old as your endothelium. – PAUL VANHOUTTE, Mayo Clinic (1983)

THERE IS magic within us. It is a magic that arises from the genetic code, taking form within the complex interaction between cells and tissue. It is a magic that can lengthen your life, a magic that can be strengthened or weakened depending on how you nourish it. What you do with the magic is up to you.
This book will introduce you to the magic that is inside your blood vessels.

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Beating Heart Disease

I first learned of the nitric oxide pathway through friends’ work in the cardiovascular system and the possibility of reversing cardiovascular disease. For them the exciting part was rapid promotions through the academic systems to Chairman of the Department of Medicine in one major University and Director of Cardiovascular Research at yet another.

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