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Dr. Joe Prendergast on Vitamin D

Since my triple bypass I have relentlessley been seeking for ways to a) make sure my bypass lasts a very long time and b) search for the best products that could help prevent heart attacks.
I know that diet and exercise are by far the best in anyone’s quest to prevent many illnesses but how many times do we hear of Jack or Jane who ran marathons never smoked and at 57 years old they drop dead from a heart attack?

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Can money make you happy?

Is this your lifestyle or do you want to design a new one? Do you go to work every day wishing it was the big draw night and your 14million to 1 chance comes up?

I was like that once, now I don’t waste a penny on gambling. So what would you chose? Health or Wealth?
Most people say health comes first and that’s exactly how a human brain works but here’s some food for thought.

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