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Cardio Vascular Disease World Tour 2010

In the first four months of this year I have given talks in a Gibraltar Chriprtactor’s wellness centre and presented in a large Wellness Centre in Central London.
We then carried out our own BPro screenings to establish clinical trials and gather our own “pulse wave” records in San Roque, Sotogrande, Gibraltar, Marbella and London. To date results, all be it early, are very encouraging.

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Positive Thoughts After Heart Disease

I remember how I felt after finding out that I had chronic heart disease. I also remember one particular patient who slipped through the Cardio Re-Habilitation net for about 6 weeks. During this time his thoughts were bordering on suicidal. I recall him telling me that at one point all he wanted to do was “throw himself under a bus”.

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Life After Triple Bypass and Heart Disease

Statitistic still show that 30% of people who suffer a heart attack will die in the next twelve months. However 2 years ago this figure was much higher. This has to be a result of progress in after care and open heart surgery procedures and many patients are surving much longer. But waht if you could reverse the need for surgery?

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