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A Miracle Molecule – Nitric Oxide – The Solution

81 Million American adults have heart disease, that’s 1 in every 3 adults. Population is just over 313million. Europe 48% of all deaths are from heart disease. Population is just over 700million this suggests that over 184million adults have heart disease. The video above is for the USA but is equally applicable to Europe where countries such as Hungary, Scotland and Ireland are the “Heart Attack Capitals of Europe”

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Your Lifestyle? Why pay to kill yourself?

Why do people continue to spend upwards of £6.00 a day fuelling a habit that can and does kill and says so on the packet? yet they won’t spend £3.00 a day on something that might just save their life or someone they know’s life? None of the three of us could come up with a rational answer to that. We threw up the usual reasons, habit, choice, ingorance, cynysism, “it will never happen to me” I thought that and guess what? it did and when I least expected it.

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