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Health Wealth The Choice Is Yours

Here’s what I mean.
1950’s I was born and have no memories of the 50’s
1960’s I grew up, went to primary school, John Kennedy was assassinated and man landed on the Moon.
1970’s I got married and my two kids were born.
1980’s My Career started and my father died and John Lennon was shot dead.
1990’s I moved from Scotland to England, divorced, my Mum died, My Daughter married and my 1st Grandchild was born and Princess Diana was killed in Paris.
2000 I started looking at Lifestyle Design and not doing what everyone else does from 9-5 in a JOB but this was a decade

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Your Lifestyle? Why pay to kill yourself?

Why do people continue to spend upwards of £6.00 a day fuelling a habit that can and does kill and says so on the packet? yet they won’t spend £3.00 a day on something that might just save their life or someone they know’s life? None of the three of us could come up with a rational answer to that. We threw up the usual reasons, habit, choice, ingorance, cynysism, “it will never happen to me” I thought that and guess what? it did and when I least expected it.

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