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What is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

The video below explains it pretty well and gives excellent advice on what can be done to reverse Peripheral Arterial Disease. The good news is that there are many other ways to find out of your at risk with out the need for invasive surgery.
Also available are some world class nutritional products that can help most people who suffer from Peripheral Arterial Disease.

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Raised Risk of Heart Attack

Yellow skin patches around the eyelids indicate a raised risk of heart attack, a new study has found.
The patches, known as xanthelasmata, are also an indicator of heart disease.
However, the study found that white or grey rings around the cornea, or arcus corneae, are not linked to an increased risk of heart attack.

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Prevention and Reversal of Heart Disease

If I told you that I had found out about a product that was based on a Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine. That not only could prevent heart disease but could also reverse it. Manufactured by a 38 year publicly quoted industry giant! Would you want to know more?
After all Cardio Vascular Disease kills more people globally than the next six diseases combined including cancer.

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Positive Thoughts After Heart Disease

I remember how I felt after finding out that I had chronic heart disease. I also remember one particular patient who slipped through the Cardio Re-Habilitation net for about 6 weeks. During this time his thoughts were bordering on suicidal. I recall him telling me that at one point all he wanted to do was “throw himself under a bus”.

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