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Cardio Vascular Disease World Tour 2011

During last years Cardio Vascular Disease World Tour I visited 7 different countries and had to face the rath of the UK’s weather then countless delays thanks to a volcano in Iceland. This year has started with “Dead Birds” falling from the sky and millions of fish being washed up dead. Scientists seem baffled! Or are the hiding the truth. Now then I’m no expert but I would hazard a guess that some sort of chemical released from some sort of dodgy industrial plant will be the culprit. I’m sure it will “all come out in the wash” as the say.

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10 Healthy Habits That’ll Keep Your Blood Pressure Down

If you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend healthier lifestyle habits to help get it under control. Studies have shown that making certain changes in the way you live can result in significantly lower blood pressure. Most of these lifestyle changes can also help prevent high blood pressure if you don’t already have it — the guidelines for hypertension prevention and management are often one and the same.

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