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Cardio Vascular Disease World Tour 2011

During last years Cardio Vascular Disease World Tour I visited 7 different countries and had to face the rath of the UK’s weather then countless delays thanks to a volcano in Iceland. This year has started with “Dead Birds” falling from the sky and millions of fish being washed up dead. Scientists seem baffled! Or are the hiding the truth. Now then I’m no expert but I would hazard a guess that some sort of chemical released from some sort of dodgy industrial plant will be the culprit. I’m sure it will “all come out in the wash” as the say.

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Can Controlling Cholesterol Level Improve Your Heart Condition?

Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of men and women in the United States claiming one million lives each year. Cardiovascular disease includes diseases of the heart, but it also includes stroke, and blockages in the other arteries in the body. It is important to know that almost a half of the deaths are due to coronary heart disease.

Coronary artery disease develops when cholesterol is deposited and absorbed into the wall of the vessel within the heart. Blood white cells trying to consume cholesterol molecules loose the battle, rupture and form plugs. Plugs lead to narrowing the vessel, and can cause intermediate chest pain known as angina. But if the plug ruptures, a clod is formed that can block the vessel and lead to heart attack.

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Life After Triple Bypass and Heart Disease

Statitistic still show that 30% of people who suffer a heart attack will die in the next twelve months. However 2 years ago this figure was much higher. This has to be a result of progress in after care and open heart surgery procedures and many patients are surving much longer. But waht if you could reverse the need for surgery?

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Dr. Joe Prendergast on Vitamin D

Since my triple bypass I have relentlessley been seeking for ways to a) make sure my bypass lasts a very long time and b) search for the best products that could help prevent heart attacks.
I know that diet and exercise are by far the best in anyone’s quest to prevent many illnesses but how many times do we hear of Jack or Jane who ran marathons never smoked and at 57 years old they drop dead from a heart attack?

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Can money make you happy?

Is this your lifestyle or do you want to design a new one? Do you go to work every day wishing it was the big draw night and your 14million to 1 chance comes up?

I was like that once, now I don’t waste a penny on gambling. So what would you chose? Health or Wealth?
Most people say health comes first and that’s exactly how a human brain works but here’s some food for thought.

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