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L-Arginine V Heart Disease

The latest studies of l-arginine activities as a source of
nitric oxide suggest that we should take l-arginine together
with l-citrulline and antioxidants that will make the
nitric oxide last longer and work more effectively in
delivering a higher volume of cell-supporting antioxidants
to each tissue in the body. This will ensure both blood vessel
relaxation and repair of the existing damage to the endothelium.

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A Day of Infamy Vitamin D3?

November 30, 2010 will go down in infamy in the history of modern medicine. It is the day the Food & Nutrition Board elected to marginally increase vitamin D requirements to 600 IU (that’s just 15 micrograms or 15/1000ths of a milligram) and the upper safe limit to 4000 IU (100 mcg), the point where blood levels only begin to rise.For comparison, 600 IU is equal to just 4 minutes of mid-day full-body summer sun exposure.

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New Decade or Vitamin D The New Designer Vitamin?

I guess to answer this question is Vitamin D set to be the new lifestyle designer vitamin some facts need to be found. I am also trying to establish if vitamin D when combined with other supplements such as Omega 3, proper diet and exercise can reverse coronary artery disease and reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. So far this is what I have learned.

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Vitamin D Protects Your Heart

Several research studies have reported that people who are vitamin D deficient are more than twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases of all kinds, including heart attacks. We often read statements like this in the popular press. But perhaps the language of statistics blunts the message.

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