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Recovering from Heart Bypass Surgery

I am contstantly being asked by people “what is it that you do”? and “how have you managed to get back on track after a heart bypass surgery and being on welfare”?

As I was going through the process it didn’t seem that easy at the time and believe me it wasn’t. But I had strong sense of purpose and I have witnessed a lot of success in my own life and yes some failures. I have also witnessed a lot of success in other peoples lives and many failures.

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Have you had a similar lifestyle shift?

In fact I met a guy just yesterday in Pablo Nuevo who had been through a similar lifestyle shift that I had.
Had it all, lost it all, and ended up on welfare at a time when he had 3 kids to raise.
One thing I have always been grateful for was that when my lifestyle shifted my kids were all grown up and the only person I had to worry about was me-thank god.

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