The Future of Heart Attack Prevention

A letter to Rachel and Charlotte

Dear Rachel and Charlotte
It’s a pleasure to write this testimonial for you about this amazing business and discovery.
I’m a Scot and suffer from two things 1. Heart Disease and 2. Skepticism bordering on cynical.
When I first heard about Synergy it was already too late to save me from major heart surgery, triple bypass in 2005 and when Brian told me about what ProArgi9plus could do and I could make some money telling others I laughed at him. How WRONG WRONG WRONG I was!!!
I soon found out that the company who make the products have been around 40 years. The distribution system, through Synergy Worldwide, who are now in their 12th year, and, in 2009 they proved beyond all shadow of a doubt that ProArgi9plus supported a healthy cardio vascular system. They conducted independent human trials at the High Desert Heart Institute where 35 patients most of whom needed heart transplants were given the all clear after just 90 days taking these amazing products.
I also realized that the timing was right; The company was poised to ‘piggy back’ on a trend which would see nutritional supplements become a trillion dollar industry. Through their commission structure I could earn an income that would see me financially independent for the rest of my life. Not only that I could help others do the same, the income would become passive, meaning it will keep coming in even if I stop working or fall ill again but the V3 products are helping keep better, stay fitter and feel younger than ever I have done and I’m now 54 years young.
What we are offering people here is very simple, two options and a choice.
Pay for your health now or pay for your illness later and for some it might be too late. The choice? Just take the products or take and tell and be rewarded for doing so. Not a difficult decision to make and that’s the way it should be.
Oh and by the way this is the only recession proof business around, no more  worrying that your boss is about to axe your job, the only person that can stop you here is you!
Good luck with the Spain and remember we are open in 23 now 28 other countries where you can promote this great business with probably the best three nutritional products in the world.

Best wishes
Campbell Young
North Wales

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