Your Lifestyle? Why pay to kill yourself?

This subject arose late last night, my two buddies and I were discussing lifestyle, lifestyle choices and arrived at how dumb people can be and don’t get me wrong we include ourselves in that category on some things.

If you’ve taken the time to read about me you will know what I mean. Listen to this:
My friend and business partner in Ireland was telling me he had presented a new blood pressure monitoring system and some alternative ideas at a local rotary club. 6 weeks had passed an no one had called for a follow up or asked if they could have some further information. In that time a 38 year old man, present that evening had had a heart attack followed by a stroke which has now left him with partial paralysis. For him it may already have been too late to change his particular course and this event in his life, we do take the time though to wish him well and a speedy recovery.

We ended up debating one simple question and it was this.
Why do people continue to spend upwards of £6.00 a day fuelling a habit that can and does kill and says so on the packet? yet they won’t spend £3.00 a day on something that might just save their life or someone they know’s life? None of the three of us could come up with a rational answer to that. We threw up the usual reasons, habit, choice, ignorance, cynicism, “it will never happen to me” I thought that and guess what? it did and when I least expected it. That’s what heart attacks and strokes do they choose you whilst when you least expect it as you continue to choose bad eating habits, over drinking and smoking and in most cases with no activity in your life. It’s amazing how much good a brisk 20 minute walk does for you, try it.