Britain Is The Most Obese Country In Europe

Sky News has just reported that Britain is the most obese country in Europe. This means that not only did we come 25th in the best places to live category we are now number 1 in Europe for “fatties”.

So in 4 years we have made no impact on this terrible statistic.

Being overweight, in case you have been living on Mars most of your life, is a major contributing factor early death. You are more likely to have heart disease if you’re overweight.
I won’t go on about all the other reasons other than I still struggle to rationalise in my own head why people keep paying to kill themselves early by smoking and on twenty a day that adds up to around £2,000.00 a year on cigarettes, what could you do with an extra two grand in yer hand? Unless of course your sneaking across to France to buy them in bulk. Oh and by the way France is the number one country to live in says the Daily Mail. “Britain falls to 25th best place to live in the world… behind Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Hungary”

Deaths from heart attack ‘halved’ said the BBC back in 2007 great news! BUT this is mainly due to the medical skills of cardiologists up and down the country and, but for them, I am still here to have my say.
If I could turn the clock back, and how many of you would love to do that? I would rather have been better educated on the subject at an early age and try and prevent coronary artery disease rather than cure it with invasive surgery or by having to take a daily cocktail of toxic pills that my poor liver then has to deal with for the rest of my life.

Not only are we now one of the worst places to live we are now also one of the fattest. I would point out that although I say “we”, I’m a traitor, I legged it to Spain after my heart attack in the hope that a Mediterranean Lifestyle would give me a few extra years. So far so good 6 years on.

If your still not convinced about quitting then here’s a great reminder for you and if you’re worried about getting fat after you quit, that’s a myth! Stopping smoking will not make you gain weight it’s what you stuff down your throat that does it.