Author: Campbell Young

Five things you should know about your heart

It will beat at least 95,000 times a day and pump 1,392 gallons of blood and push that blood nearly 14,364 miles throughout your body! That’s about 42 million times a year. Its sole purpose is to pump a fresh supply of healthy blood to your vital organs so that you can stay alive. All your vital organs are dependent on the heart pumping healthy blood to them 24/7.
What makes your heart beat?

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Healthy Gut | Day 18, 19 and 20

We are heading to London to start to begin to develop and coach our new team members towards creating an Elite Health Team. So far, we have a former University Lecturer, a PHD in herbal medicine, a graduate from Glasgow University who specialises now in business planning. A specialist in Nitric Oxide Therapy, a top London Business Woman, A radio broadcaster and specialist in biology, who is also a Director of the László Institute in Tuscany. During our time in London we will also be meeting a Dr from Birmingham who specialises in thoracic patient’s and a London Businessman.

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A Healthy Gut Equals a Healthy Heart and Body | Day 17

As predicted being on the road was going to make things difficult for a few days but I’ve seen the time when I simply would have given up until my motivation returned to start again and any progress that I would have been made would have been lost to the mother of all evils, procrastination.

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