D3 V Cancer V Heart Disease

Hi Folks I need some help here!
I have had a bit of flack this week and you know what? That’s OK! Because when your dealing with health matters, particularly the world’s number 1 killer, heart disease, and cancers people are right to challenge you and I expect that. What is frustrating that all year long this year I and my team have been banging a big drum about what can be done to tackle 17 different forms of cancer including the one that strikes holy terror in to most women, Breast Cancer?

Well here’s the answer D3 and guess what? It also supports a healthy cardio vascular system.

Now then before you all rush out to your local supplement store here’s a warning. The D3 available on most high street stores is NOT the type you should be buying nor does it come in high enough doses.

There are recommended D3 chewable tablets available and oral sprays so be careful what you buy. If you have any doubts drop me a message and I can send you some information on best brands.

Coming back to my main point, I was even accused of preaching, well I’m no preacher but I get pretty fed up when I shout loud and no one is listening until that is, they read exactly what I have said in either a reputable magazine or see it on prime time news then they start to believe what I have been saying. “Nowt as Queer as Folk”! as the say….

So don’t listen to me just watch the video below and make up your own minds.
Here’s my question?
If you are worried about heart disease or cancer in your family would you;
a) Wait until something happens and go to your doctor?
b) Try something that might just give you the chance of PREVENTION before INTERVENTION.

You can leave me a reply on that if you wish.


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