Direct Selling – Scheme? Scam or Real Opportunity?

This is part of article that was in the Mirror, the journalist referred to direct selling as a scheme, my reply to her is at the end!

Childcare costs have more than trebled over the past decade, prompting thousands of mums to consider more flexible ways of working.
The average hourly cost for a nursery place for a child aged under two has risen by 77 per cent since 2003 to £4.26,
according to research by the Daycare Trust and, the Family and Parenting Institute.

That means a full-time nursery place could cost £11,000 a year, so it’s hardly surprising that many mothers simply can’t afford to work regular office hours.

As a result, a growing number are turning to direct selling to boost their incomes and enable them to achieve the career and childcare balance they want. You can read more on the Mirror, I shouldn’t waste your time, you will learn more here.

All you need to do is find a company with “integrity” and you could be earning an extra £4-5,000 a year and staying at home giving the precious children
you have brought into this world more time with you instead of blowing £11,000 a year letting someone else who was a stranger shape the future of your kids.

Reply to article

I agree with AVON SUCCESS. Most people in the UK think that direct selling or network marketing is some form of “Cancer” and they will continue to think that
as long as anyone with a public voice calls it a scheme! In actual fact if you find a company that is rock solid in terms of products and commissions
and above all has integrity, more people would find themselves much better off and so would our economy benefit. Most people if not all who refer to this business model
as “pyramid” selling have not got a clue what they are talking about. In most pyramid structures the person at the top always makes the most money,
I’m thinking Governments, Banks, Supermarket and even our own Royal Family, time to wise up folks? Not much integrity amongst this lot is there???

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