Dr. Joe Prendergast on Vitamin D

There’s a lot out there about inflammation of the arteries being one of the major causes of heart attacks and death. My own surgeon Professor David J. Wheatley hinted at this the day before my operation in 2005.

Since my triple bypass I have relentlessly been seeking for ways to a) make sure my bypass lasts a very long time and b) search for the best products that could help prevent heart attacks.
I know that diet and exercise are by far the best in anyone’s quest to prevent many illnesses but how many times do we hear of Jack or Jane who ran marathons never smoked and at 57 years old they drop dead from a heart attack? How many of you have lives so full that you just don’t have time to shop for fresh food and instead rely on pre-packed garbage?
I’m not sure if this statistic is true and would welcome any comments but 9/11 claimed the lives of 2,973 victims and was on our news screens for days and rightly so. Yet around this same number die suddenly every day from heart related illnesses in The USA alone and that only features when some politician makes a statement about it or drops dead themself.
I  will be in London later this week to meet with People who work with Dr Joe to find out more about what benefits we can gain from Vitamin D. In the meantime enjoy Dr Joe Prendergast, M.D. of the  Endocrine Metabolic Medical Center speaks on the benefits of Vitamin D.