Early Detection of Heart Disease.

Most of my readers know that this blog is mainly about preventing heart disease and lifestyle changes.

Just over a year ago we brought some news about a device that could assess cardio vascular health in a non invasive way. Well following that story the BBC added to further speculation that such devices existed by interviewing Prof. Bryan Williams, Professor of Medicine, University of Leicester and Honorary Consultant Physician, University Hospitals of Leicester on the 21st of February this year. At this time we were already deep in negotiations with Unimedic Ltd to bring to market, in a commercial way, their ‘next generation’ range of Arteriograph Devices and offer public screenings to predict and prevent Cardiovascular Disease.

The following announcement has just been made.

Cardio Health Ltd enters into ‘exclusive’ partnership with Unimedic Ltd
Press Embargo 12noon 6th July 2011

Cardio Health Ltd has today signed an exclusive agreement with Unimedic Ltd to distribute their Arteriograph product line in the UK and Ireland. The company’s main aim is to offer screening services using Unimedic’s range of Pulse Wave Devices to predict and prevent Cardiovascular Disease primarily at corporate level and in the private medical sector. A pilot is already underway at a leading London City Centre Gymnasium using Arteriograph as the most sophisticated measurement of the extent of atherosclerosis.
Dr Tamas Hodosi, Medical Director of Unimedic Ltd, the authorised distributor of the devices confirmed that they are “delighted with this new partnership and are looking forward to working jointly with Cardio Health Ltd on the wider adoption of our ‘Non-invasive Catheterisation’ technology”

Director of Operations Campbell Young said; “We are very happy with this agreement and see this as a long term strategic partnership whereby we can bring the combined skills of Cardio Health Ltd alongside Unimedic’s range of next generation devices and expertise to offer people an integrated approach of early warning of Cardiovascular Disease. In addition to commercialising the Arteriograph devices, we are providing health check services and recommend nutritional and fitness protocols that can help reduce the annual 200,000 deaths in the UK and 20,000 in Ireland – from a very preventable LIFESTYLE disease.

Director of Nutrition and Lifestyle Davey McCollum said; “Unlike other devices on the market with the use of the fully automated Arteriograph system, measurement of heart and arterial age becomes standardised and user independent. There is no other device that measures Central and Peripheral Blood Pressure, Pulse Wave Velocity, Cardiac Fitness as well as all the key parameters necessary to predict the early onset and extent of Cardiovascular Disease with a simple arm cuff in just 2 minutes. We want to make a difference by screening as many people as we can, establishing their individual risk by showing the effects of risk factors on the level of individual and moving away from the widely used approach of making statistics count instead of patients. With our holistic approach of recommending powerful interventions and measuring their effects we believe are giving people hope for the future.”
Prevention of cardiovascular diseases is the number one priority of Cardio Health Ltd, which will facilitate avoiding taking unnecessary drugs for life, hospitalisations, invasive procedures and savings in excess of millions of pounds for the NHS.
Cardio Health Ltd works with experts in their field and intends to give a new boost to the fight against atherosclerosis. Whilst every 2 minutes in the UK someone dies of this disease, “we have to take action now to prevent this happening in the future”.

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