Health Wealth The Choice Is Yours

I accept that people are born with inherited ailments that, for some, nothing can be done about. However if you’re reading this and your feeling down and need some inspiration have a look at an earlier post.
For the majority of us though we have choices and those choices can change the way we live our lives.

Consider this;

“You will never get anywhere if you don’t finish what you started”

Now isn’t that a great though provoker?

People make decisions and have lifestyle choices but before you consider what you want think about what you have had and how quickly time passes.

Here we are in a new decade yet not so long ago we were reading about the Y2K bug and people demanding ridiculous amounts of money to work during the millennium and businesses profiteering from it. That decade passed so quick don’t you think?

Think about the decades you have been through and what they meant to you and your lasting memories of that decade. Pick as many memories as you like but only one what it meant to you.

Here’s what I mean.
1950’s I was born and have no memories of the 50’s
1960’s I grew up, went to primary school, John Kennedy was assassinated and man landed on the Moon. The Beatles.
1970’s I got married and my two kids were born. I learned to play guitar and started a band, Alice Cooper, Yes, Slade I loved the 70’s
1980’s My Career started and my father died and John Lennon was shot dead. 80’s music was also great.
1990’s I moved from Scotland to England, divorced, my Mum died, My Daughter married and my 1st Grandchild was born and Princess Diana was killed in Paris. All work little play but I did buy a Spanish Stallion.
2000 I started looking at Lifestyle Design and not doing what everyone else does from 9-5 in a JOB but this was a decade of illness and struggle for me. The memories were my 2nd Grandchild was Born and my Son married with only 5 weeks of the last decade left. So it ended on a high.
I now find myself asking where I will be at the end of this decade and stopping myself dead in my tracks. This is how ordinary people think!

Successful people have goals so they will have a headline of “where do I want to be at the end of this decade and what do I need to do every single day to achieve it”.

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In closing the one thing I never lost was my family and that in itself enriches my life beyond anything material.