L-Arginine V Heart Disease

The latest studies of l-arginine activities as a source of
nitric oxide suggest that we should take l-arginine together
with l-citrulline and antioxidants that will make the
nitric oxide last longer and work more effectively in
delivering a higher volume of cell-supporting antioxidants
to each tissue in the body. This will ensure both blood vessel
relaxation and repair of the existing damage to the endothelium.
As a result you will feel younger and enjoy a healthier life.
Also make sure you have regular dose of Vitamin D3.

Despite over 100,000 scientific publications about the
life-enhancing properties of nitric oxide and three
Nobel Prize winners who made this fact undeniable,
few people know about NO or where it comes from.
Sadly, most doctors are not even aware of what this
incredible molecule can do for our health. It seems
that a path for these findings to pay off in treatments
for heart disease is still needed to overcome the handicap of
the conventional medical professional training which largely
omits nutrition.
Much has been talked about recently in the tabloids and on BBC News
about how important measuring Central Pressuer is instead of the
tried and always used Brachial Pressure.
There is a thought, currently being investigated again and already
reviewed in The Cafe Study, that if you can reduce Central Pressure
you stay one step ahead of heart disease.
Now what if a proven and safe orally ingested L-Arginine product
was available and had been tested on Humans and worked. Is this
not a safer and cost effective option for everyone. Especially now
when we have a device that does make it practical to screen everyone
considered to be at ‘High Risk’

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