Lifestyle? Diet or Die?

I have just had a quick look on Twitter and searched Lifestyle to find out what folks are talking about on this subject. And to my surprise most are talking about diet, well that’s what I found so far. The amazing thing is that they are all leading people, who in many cases are desperate, to buy pills and potions to help them lose weight.

I am not a dietitian or some guru or weight loss coach and nor am I trying to sell anyone who reads this a damn thing. What I do want to try and help you with is to coach you to use some common sense.

Firstly using the terminology diet is great as long as it’s in line with lifestyle because as human’s we need a balanced diet to remain fit, healthy and disease free.
However the word diet when used in isolation with “A Diet” of some sort that people sell either on line or in books is fraught with danger. Let me point out that if you drop the “T” it spells DIE. Now that’s a bit extreme but let me ask you all a question if I may. How many people do you know that have went on a “DIET” and when they stopped PPBOA happened yep PPBOA stands for Pounds Piled Back On Again??? I know plenty and I’m sure you do as well.

Following my surgery I really buckled down and did everything I was told to do by my cardio rehab team, why wouldn’t I? I was just 48 years old post op, had 2 amazing grown up kids and had 2 grandchildren both of whom I want to live long enough to see them grow up and a son who one day I might see marry. Well my son did just that, he was married on the 25th of November this year in Negril Jamaica and I was there along with my family to wish him and the newest Mrs Young hearty congratulations.

But prior to this I lost my way a little bit and I too suffered from PPBOA syndrome. So after some research and a lifestyle design change I lost 23lbs in just under 3 months and I’m still losing weight. Not as much now just a pound or 2 a week and I will continue until my natural weight has been attained and this time I will keep it there because I know how to do it.

I feel great, more confident and there is nothing that I used to eat that I really crave for although I do find it hard walking past a “Fish and Chip Shop” well we all have our weak spots.

If you want to know how I did it and why I am so happy now then feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and I will gladly share it with you free and I promise there will be no sale of a pill or a potion not even a book although I may recommend one that I make no profit from. The same one that a friend recommended to me that helped me have a great lifestyle.