Living With Cardiovascular Disease

I have only recently realised that I have been living with cardiovascular disease all my life.
I was born in Glasgow which is sadly the “heart attack” capital of Western Europe or so it seems. The United Kingdom as a whole is ranked on the W.H.O. statistics but Eire is number three. I wonder where Scotland would come if the figures were extrapolated and we could see the true extent of heart disease in Scotland.
Why do I think that I have been living with cardiovascular disease all my life?
When I was growing up I remember when someone we knew, either a friend or family member passed away it was either a “heart attack, stroke or “The Big C” and when we heard that a person was diagnosed with cancer it was always said in a lowered voice to the point of a whisper.
What I didn’t know back then was that my very own arteries would start to get old with me but would they age at the same rate as me? Slower, or Quicker? I only had to wait 46 years to find out and exactly six years ago today I suffered “my event” a “mild heart attack” I remember laughing when the Consultant Cardiologist at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital gave me the news and saying the word mild I would never put in the same context as heart attack-he didn’t get my sense of humour.
Anyway if you want to read the full story you can click on about me.

* Now I have a new mission and that’s what this blog is all about.
1. Enhance your lifestyle if you will allow me?
2. Add value to everyone who reads my blog
3. Take a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing and encourage you to do likewise.
4. Make sure I don’t have another heart attack and maybe help stop you from having one.
5. Look after my new arteries even better than I have been doing.
6. Discontinue prescription drugs, did you know that it was recently reported that every 5 minutes in the U.S.A. someone dies from CORRECTLY prescribed drugs?
8. Incorporate as much as I can from The Four Hour Work Week into my own lifestyle design.