Vitamin D The New Designer Vitamin?

I guess to answer this question is Vitamin D set to be the new lifestyle designer vitamin some facts need to be found. I am also trying to establish if vitamin D when combined with other supplements such as Omega 3, proper diet and exercise can reverse coronary artery disease and reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke. So far this is what I have learned.

1. Scientists Discovered Vitamin D in the early part of the 20th Century as they searched for a cure for Rickets.
2. In the 1920’s Scientists pinpointed that Rickets was caused by a Vitamin D deficiency.
3. In the 1980’s it emerged that Vitamin D had certain cancer fighting properties.
4. You have a better chance of having an acceptable level of Vitamin D if you live in a country that has an abundance of all year round sunshine and you have a proper balanced diet with plenty oily fish.
5. Vitamin D isn’t actually a vitamin at all it’s known as fat-soluble prohormones!
6. Vitamin D is also known as a Cholecalciferol

Here’s some further information I collected yesterday from a Jan De  Vries outlet here in Dumfries.

  • Vitamin D is an “immune enhancing” nutrient-Vitamin D3
  • In the UK around 2 in 10 adults of South Asian origin, may be vitamin D deficient.
  • It’s difficult to meet vitamin D requirements through diet alone
  • A healthy immune system requires adequate amounts of vitamin D
  • According to a recent update from the prestigious Harvard Medical School, the only way to ensure an adequate intake of this vital nutrient is through supplementation

Professor Reinhold Vieth has written a fantastic article about vitamin D which can read at The FT Online. You will find Professor Vieth’s details and the bottom of the page on the Vitamin D Council’s web site. I will be writing to him to ask his opinion on the effects vitamin D may have in relation to the Cardio Vascular System.