New Technologies for Men’s Health

A couple of days ago I purchased for the first time a Health Magazine called ‘HEALTHY FOR MEN’ issue 35. Although only 66 pages long this little gem is crammed full of great information from sex to food and gear to travel. It also includes a cover feature on Erwan Le Corre dubbed the world’s fittest man and who am I to argue with a guy who was the ‘original fight club’.

One article that did catch my eye appears on page 8 heading ‘Wonder Web’
It begins with ‘This year at the Men’s Health Forum (MHF) the focus is on how new technologies can be used to improve wellbeing.
My coleagues and I at Cardio Health Ltd have just secured the rights to a new device which gives a unique option to humans when it comes to arterial function, fitness and structure assessment. In a nutshell ‘am I at risk of dropping dead from a heart attack’ on schedule ahead of schedule or ‘am I going to live a long and healthy life past 75 years of age?’

With the second generation, Bluetooth version just being launched, central core aortic blood pressure, aortic pulse wave velocity (arterial stiffness – late stage atherosclerosis), arterial/heart age, augmentation index (endothelial function – early atherosclerosis), cardiac fitness and all the regular BP parameters can be measured, non invasive, with a simple upper arm cuff in 2 minutes.

The device is completely automatic and operator independent, making sure the best possible accuracy (invasive validation attached) and reproducibility in any kind of setting.

This is possibly the best piece of new technology to emerge in the UK this century given that Cardio Vascular Disease is not only the number 1 killer globally, it kills 200,000 people every year in the UK, many without warning, and Scotland and Ireland have worst records in Western Europe.

The article in MHF went on to say that ‘40% are dying prematurely’, but did not say what the age of premature death was set at. The British Heart Foundation quote 75 years for males. Also MHF confirmed the top 5 internet searches concerning male health in the UK are, the penis, the prostrate, mental issues, hair loss and skin complaints. I did not find this surprising at all but would point out there’s no point in finding a product that will stop your hair falling out or clear up your spots, no matter where they are! if your pump is about to pack up. So the number one killer of men and women in the UK doesn’t even reach the top 5 searches nor was it mentioned in the article or is featured on the website they advertised.

I have just picked up issue 36 and will be reading it from cover to cover to see what further news they have on new technology, heart disease, prostrate cancer, skin problems and of course issues with ‘the old fella’ willy or penis.

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