I just read a very interesting article on Yahoo about raised risk of heart attack, here’s an excerpt.

Yellow skin patches around the eyelids indicate a raised risk of heart attack, a new study has found.
The patches, known as xanthelasmata, are also an indicator of heart disease.
However, the study found that white or grey rings around the cornea, or arcus corneae, are not linked to an increased cialis risk of heart attack.
Previous research had found that both xanthelasmata and arcus corneae are deposits of cholesterol, but half of those with either or both features will not test positively for high cholesterol.
The researchers surveyed 12,745 individuals aged between 20 and 93 and free of heart disease when the study began, who were followed over 33 years.lease

You can read the full article at YAHOO CLICK HERE

Those of you reading my blog for the very first time take note.
Heart Disease is very much a lifestyle disease that can be reversed. Saturday’s Daily Express carried this headline on their front page but they didn’t really tell us anything new and believe me there is ‘new technologies’ and ‘nutritional products’ out there that will tell you if you’re at risk and speed up the process of reversal.

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