Vitamin D Protects Your Heart

Following on my quest for supplements to be used with proper diet and exercise to reduce the risk of heart disease and yesterday’s post I found this interesting article which I thought I would share with you.

Several research studies have reported that people who are vitamin D deficient are more than twice as likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases of all kinds, including heart attacks. We often read statements like this in the popular press. But perhaps the language of statistics blunts the message.

Vitamin D protects your heart. It helps to ensure your heart’s blood supply by nurturing your blood vessels. It calms high blood pressure. It fights insulin resistance and discourages diabetes. Vitamin D soothes heart-damaging inflammation and strengthens your heart muscle.

Vitamin D is so valuable to you that your body has its own production line. Not only do you make this hormone-like nutrient in your skin, you store any excess in your fat and muscle cells. What you make in the sunshine you save for a rainy day. It’s like a power-supply with a battery backup. Nature intended we should never run out. But we have outsmarted her in a hundred different ways. Some of us can now boast that sunlight never shines directly on our unprotected skin.

Is that so smart for your heart? Is your vitamin D tank running on empty? Do your heart a big favour. Take a daily dose of vitamin D, preferably cholecalciferol a.k.a. vitamin D3 – that’s exactly what your own skin produces from sunlight.

For first prize, and greatest health benefit, find out what dose you need to raise your personal vitamin D reserves to optimum level. Otherwise, for an adult in good health, a daily winter-time dose of 2000 International Units (or 50 micrograms) of vitamin D3 will help your heart a great deal, even though that is probably far short of your ideal dose. But a hugely excessive vitamin D dosage can harm you, so we must err on the side of caution.

Besides protecting your heart, vitamin D has many other health benefits. In fact, Vitamin D can save your life. Optimum levels of vitamin D have been shown to reduce death from all causes. It costs only a few cents for an effective vitamin D dose – or nothing at all if you take from the sun. Yet, if you had to buy a drug with half the health benefits of vitamin D, it would cost so much that only the wealthiest could afford it. It would be worth every cent.

So don’t be caught dead without it.

Here’s how to calculate your ideal vitamin D dosage. Click Here for the download can be found on the right side bar.

Alex St Clair is a health researcher and writer. For more information about the health benefits of vitamin D, click here

Article Source: Ezine Articles