X-Ray Angiography and Heart Disease

X-Ray Google Doodle Marks Its 115th Anniversary:
Internet search titan Google has put an X-Ray doodle on its home page to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the X-Ray design, which was created by German physics professor Wilhelm Rontgen on Nov 8, 1985.

The X-Ray doodle is a blue neon design, which shows a glow of radiation from the each letter of ‘Google’.
A click on the doodle will yield search results for X-Ray.

The X-Rays were invented by Roentgen accidentally when he was experimenting with vacuum tubes. He took an X-ray photograph of his wife’s hand after one week and was surprised to see that it clearly revealed her wedding ring and her bones. The finding marked a great day in the sector of science and technology and many scientists started studying about this new form of radiation.

The rays was called ‘X’ by Roentgen because he wanted to indicate it was an unknown type of radiation.
Some German-speaking countries however, still refer these rays as Roentgen rays. Besides, Roentgen, some other scientists like Ivan Pulyui, William Crookes, Johann Wilhelm Hittorf are regarded as the pioneer in the field of study of these rays.
The X ray systems are used extensively by the dcotors for the analysis of bones and tissues, tooth structures and also swollen parts. These rays are still used for the therapeutic analysis of inside body.

Source: L.A. News

What the news article doesn’t say is that Herr Roentgen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901 nor does the article talk about progress in this field such as MRI, CT scans and Angiography to determine the extent of Coronary Heart Disease. It appears more important that Google mark the anniversary with a “doodle”, which is fine, but think how many people may have lost their lives prematurely if were not for this outstanding discovery back in 1895.

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