Can money make you happy?

By Chris Marshall | 13:12:31 | 23 November 2009 you can read the full article at Citywire
His article inspired me to write this post

Is this your lifestyle or do you want to design a new one? Do you go to work every day wishing it was the big draw night and your 14million to 1 chance comes up?

I was like that once, now I don’t waste a penny on gambling. So what would you chose? Health or Wealth?
Most people say health comes first and that’s exactly how a human brain works but here’s some food for thought.

• Have you had money and lost it?
• Have you had good health and lost it?
• Have you lost a loved one suddenly?
• Have you lost everything?

Everyone has their own baggage in life, I used to subscribe to the “you should be happy brigade” Why? There’s a lot more people worse off than you! And that may well be true. Now I say horse Sh*t to that.
Be your own person and make your own choices, when I started doing that guess what? My life started to get better.

Don’t get me wrong I’m a caring person on just about any subject you want to pick, that’s the way I was brought up “proper” we used to call it.

Yes I had it all, cars, house, spouse, kids, guitars, horses, good job, well I thought it was then, and good health and in the space of 2 years I lost it all.

You can read my story here  so I won’t repeat it but in 2 years I lost my job, had a heart attack, followed by a triple bypass so I feel pretty qualified to make a few points here that are facts and not opinions.

1-I am very glad I got a second chance in life.
2-Do both get your health back or don’t lose it through ignorance and make some money, why not, money can give you a better class of misery. That’s one way to look at it.
3-Sort your diet out, I found it real hard to lose weight after my operation but a little research lead me to a lifestyle change that seen me lose 23lbs in just 3 months and guess what it stayed off and I am still losing weight and will continue to do so until I achieve my goal.

The reason I started with Chris Miller’s article is his question at the end so to find out what that is you will have to go and read it.

I now know exactly how much money I need to have the lifestyle I desire and I also know how to get it and I have the tools and team around me to make sure I don’t fail.

I didn’t get a massive pay rise or land a big deal to enable me to do this all it cost me was a few hundred dollars and some of my tie and believe me there is NO BETTER THERAPY on this planet than investing your time in yourself.