Has Skype had a Heart Attack?

Has Skype had a heart attack following the stroke they suffered last month when they launched Version 5 and started biting cialis online off more than they can chew during their integration with Facebook?
My Skype went down around 5pm GMT today and after removing V5 which was dumped on me without asking I re-installed version Apart from the obvious death of Skype today the new versions are quite frankly shit. I don’t want the last message I sent popping up every time I scroll down to look for a contact for one thing and there is no chat box available when you make a call so you have to go back click on the discount diflucan online skype ICON and then click again on the call to get the chat box so you can type a url, e-mail or send a file???? what a load of bollocks. C’mon Skype pull your finger out your worse than the poor guys here who can’t get enough sand on the roads or airports to keep our transport system working? 21st Century my arse!!!

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WASHINGTON — Skype was suffering technical problems on Wednesday, prompting users of the popular Internet communications service to take to Twitter to complain.
“Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype — we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations,” Skype said on its Twitter feed @Skype.
In a follow-up message, the Luxembourg-based Skype said: “Our engineers and site operations team are working non-stop to get things back to normal — thanks for your continued patience.”
Efforts to connect to Skype or to contact the company were unsuccessful.
Skype, which was founded in 2003, bypasses the standard telephone network by channeling voice, video and text conversations over the Internet.
The company announced plans in August to raise up to 100 million dollars in shares by listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange.
The service has millions of users around the world and many took to Twitter to complain about the outage in a variety of languages.
“Holy crap. end of the world… #skype is down,” wrote Rafael Otero on his Twitter feed @rotero.
“Ugh. #skype went down when I was in the middle of a call,” said Carly-Anne Fairlie on @carlyannedotcom.

Love it…..skype me on campbell1957 oh shit you can’t!