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Robert Burns Day 25th January

Aye weel the day is Robert Burns Day 25th January and across the world Scots will be celebrating the “Bard’s Birthday.
I guess it’s a bit remiss that I encourage a dish that wan sniff wid clog yer arteries and gee ye heart disease but whit the heel, wance a yeer will dae ye nae herm. Enjoy yirsel and dinae tak tae much malt.

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Has Skype had a Heart Attack?

Has Skype had a heart attack following the stroke they suffered last month when they launched Version 5 and started biting off more than they can chew during their integration with Facebook?
My Skype went down around 5pm GMT today and after removing V5 which was dumped on me without asking I re-installed version Apart from the obvious death of Skype today the new versions are quite frankly shit.

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