Life After Triple Bypass and Heart Disease

Statistics still show that 30% of people who suffer a heart attack will die in the next twelve months after the event. However 20 years ago this figure was much higher. This has to be a result of progress in after care and open heart surgery procedures leading to many patients surviving much longer. But what if you could reverse the need for surgery? More of this later.

Many would say preventative medicine also helps but I remain unconvinced as there are now many reports emerging about the long term damage caused by such drugs not least of which are statins.
It was reported in the UK, just this week, that Doctors are lobbying Ministers to have every adult male over 50 years of age put on statins. Guess what? The drug companies are behind this and for those of you that don’t know the wholesale cost of a months supply of statins, depending on the dose, can be as much as £30.00. I will be doing a lot more “digging” into this over the coming weeks and publishing my findings here.

I also started alternative treatment today for my neck in Gibraltar with Steven Crump. Steven is a Wellness Chiropracter and my hour with him and his wife today was mind blowing. I will keep you posted of my progress and at long last I’m looking forward to being pain free for the first time in 5 years.

But what about my heading?

Life After Triple Bypass and Heart Disease?

Well I moved to Spain and had a Lifestyle Change these are just some of what have I done in my time here.

1. Spent quality time with my family who are my world and always have been.
2. Lorna and Simon took me to Sierra Nevada, I have been a huge fan of “Ski Sunday” since I was a kid and had never been to the mountains since then. I still hold my breath when I watch Franz Klammer win gold at the winter games in Innsbruck 1976. Enjoy the clip below and stick with it until 1.40min in then “HOLD YOUR BREATH”
3. I have had three birthdays here and had an amazing 50th Fancy Dress Bash in Duquesa and the following year we went to San Roque and watched Bjorn Again.
4. Simon, my son taught me how to wakeboard last year and managed to get me up and riding the waves at my very first attempt, this is the boat that pulled me out of the water but is now being sold for a larger one.
5. I’m learning to play golf
6. I am teaching the guitar.
These are just some of the things that, in the days following my heart attack, I could only but dream about and wouldn’t because I was, at that time, so low I though my life was over. How wrong I was don’t you think?